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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
Jeremy Corbyn's unicorn really hasn't been subjected to any kind if scrutiny, because it hasn't been considered as a realistic proposal but if it did, it would quickly be shot down in flames by the EU.

The idea that the UK could be part of a customs union whilst still retaining the ability to negotiate independent trade deals with parties who already have trade deals is as nonsensical and the most ridiculous of Brexiteer fever-dreams. Under Corbyn's leadership Labour is dead set against the "four freedoms" which are a prerequisite for EEA membership and wants the kind of unilateral action which is incompatible with customs union membership. In other words, a Labour deal would be indistinguishable from Theresa's deal in all important aspects.
Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Do you include the option in the referendum or not? Labour will not support the referendum if you don't, but if you include it and it wins ... what then? Default should be "no Brexit", but you won't get that through the parliament either.

I think the whole situation needs to resolved the French way: guilliotine all MPs and elect new ones. If they can't agree upon and pass a solution to Brexit that will be acceptable to both the British electorate, the Parliament and the EU repeat the process until you find a group that is able to deliver one way or another.

You can give the first group one more try if you really want. Not because they deserve it, but because they weren't warned in advance.

This is in jest, of course ... but I'm not sure a different solution is even possible at this point.

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