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Originally Posted by Belz... View Post
No, and you're not the only one who's wrong about this. Words mean things, and the expansion of this particular one into near-meaninglessness is counter-productive.

It really isn't.

How indirect does the effect need to be for the cause to stop being racist? If I buy an appartment building and demolish it to build a train station, and as a result down the line fewer locals can find places to live, and they happen to be black, was my purchase racist? If not, what's the cut-off?

That's why the actual definition is useful and clear: if you generall think another 'race' is inferior or worthy of contemp or violence, then you're a racist. Racism is not the same as bias, and it's not the same as negative effects on specific groups.
Your argument boils down to, "It's not complex because if you use any criteria other than the one I want, it becomes too complex. Therefore we have to use the criteria I like."
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