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Originally Posted by Cavemonster View Post
I don't doubt they would turn on Trump the instant it became the choice that helped them keep their job.

I just really doubt that the Rebublican base would turn on Trump for anything.

And so long as the large majority of GOP voters are in bed with Trump, so is the senate.
Well, it remains to be "sussed out". The Senate moved forward with the demand that the Report be released. Is this calculation on their part, knowing that it's going to get released regardless of Barr/Trump shenanigans? In other words are they just trying to get ahead of the story and will revert to abject partisanship.

There are cracks showing in the foundations of Trump's support in the Senate. Not just the above but on both votes (largely for show) to deny him his emergency declaration (better known as Trump's Pilfering of Military Funds) to finance his wall. A dozen GOP Senators voted with the Dems the first time. This week's vote has only eleven Republicans but only because Rubio was absent; he was the twelfth and there's no reason to think he's changed his mind.

Now, these aren't Impeachment votes, but there are certainly enough GOP Senators who are willing to make a cosmetic show of things. Could go no where... it'll depend on whether Mitch threatens to tighten the purse strings on the re-election funds, but it could be an indication of shell-shock within the party. By the time the GOP hustled Nixon out of office, both parties were just plain worn out. This is going to get more vicious and more tiring over the next few months.
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