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Originally Posted by webfusion View Post
"...somewhere they donít live..."

They DO live there. It is truly part of Historical Palestine. In fact, the Palestinan population of this area was DIVIDED in 1982 and the Egyptian border at Rafah literally cuts the town in half, with Palestinian families now seperated by barbed-wire.

It's not just "some desert" -- it's a highly valuable coastal salient, which can be developed to be the jewel of Palestine, with millions of now-stateless refugees choosing to return to Palestine and work hard to make their lives better.

C'mon Fool, what makes the Northern part of Sinai less of a value than Southern Sinai, which currently has tremendous tourism (see: Sharm elSheikh) and is about to be developed into the NEOM project? yeah, look that one up." rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://<a href="https://www.telegrap...mwidth=450</a>
Sounds like a fabulous place web....why donít Israel expand there and leave the West Bank to the Palestinians?
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