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You may recall that a few months ago I mentioned that I used to know one of Hulsey's superiors, Bill Schnabel. I had been debating whether to bring this matter to his attention, but these recent revelations have decided me. The only question upon which I'm still undecided is whether I should use my personal email or one of my University emails. I had been leaning toward using my personal email when it was just a case of letting Bill know about something that could be potentially embarrassing to UAF, but now that we have clear evidence of academic misconduct, I'm inclined to use my Purdue Fort Wayne email. I will, however, use my student, rather than my employee, email, and I will make it clear that I am not writing in my capacity as a University employee, but only as a graduate student.
Don't forget to mention how Hulsey publicly touted the "conclusions" of the study before he finished even the preliminary work necessary to support those conclusions. Or that he also plagiarized a portion of his public presentation.

It's pretty clear that Hulsey is and has been a dyed in the wool troofer who dishonestly pretends to be objective in his public comments. He's not terribly clever, however, so his words and actions betrayed him from the start.

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