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Originally Posted by lionking View Post
Money is not a problem. Companies profits (and company taxes) are at higher than predicted levels, as are mining royalties (predictions were that they would fall and they haven’t).

Is “where is the money from” your only evidence that Shorten is not bright? If so, you are wrong. If not, what evidence do you have?

In any case, it’s the cabinet which is the real measure of whether a government is successful or not. The LNP is in disarray, with even Joyce likely to become deputy PM. Labor is united.

Yes, the government could increase spending a little without major harm, say by 1 or two %. Anything more and inflation could significantly increase. The government is currently running a small deficit now. See the link for the evidence of that.

What Shorten is promising is giving heaps of money to heaps of people. Just look at what he has said on his Facebook page. One small recent example women's' netball get $20 million dollars. Now every other women's sport will be asking for something similar.[0]=68.ARB3512r2XveTvb1OT5nHHwsLVDtG0x-dJOm_xDTepJLGjmAwd2kldizOVQ6lMIugBX-84eB59pPOvE2LjX-5H7LB7QXxWMtGF_qECM_mjeZfOXosOkBeYF4k7nTcs714nDHRd GJLHq7urOhXuzfMY9P_trpysjYKDcwnQdxGRKBXOXYfIrgLWG6 FLUvR0LM_ZQ3_w18fRwLMzfif0jR3jHUDKThS_slyKlG&__tn_ _=-R
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