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Originally Posted by FFTR View Post
Clear this one up for me.
Jeff Prager claims WTC1 and 2 were destroyed with mini neutron bombs and no nanothermite. Gage (AE911T) claims they were destroyed using nanothermite and conventional explosives and no nukes. Who is correct?

It is interesting that AE911T does not support missiles being used to destroy the WTC buildings. Gage, Jones have admitted the buildings were struck by the jets, but is was controlled demolition that took down the buildings. Are you saying they are not telling the truth?

Please provide a link to the one concise alternative explanation regarding 9/11 that is supported by the evidence. Seems there are many authors all claiming to be correct.
This thread is about the video layering used to mask the missile strikes used to cut the holes in the towers. The missiles were not responsible for the destruction of the towers, nor even for the shock and awe fireballs; they were only used to cut the holes.
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