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There is sooo much variability in human genotype phenotype (every gene SNP has 4 possibilities) that EVERYBODY has different nutritional needs. Search "precision medicine". I guess I'd have to look and see which enzyme it is that makes carnosine, which gene encodes for that enzyme, which SNPs can be pathogenic for that gene.
... Several genes involved, though enough beta-alinine will suffice if you have good genes. Now, what are beta-alinine veggie sources?

eta: looks like nuts and seeds. But I didn't look for how common the variants are for those genes. Some variants hit 25-40%. My diabetes IRS1 (insulin receptor substrate #1) 'bad'gene is in 40 %. My Benedryl "zonks me" gene is in 15%, and affects foods too. . Kind of blows the RDA charts out of the water. It's called Nutrigenomics, or Precision Medicine. [/eta]

eta II, I can feel the difference when I've been eating meat, probably subconscious knowledge. So, no, not everybody has the proper Vegan Gene. And I think some of the supplement doses are decided by calories out, not calories in. Waeight stable at 1800 calories, no supplement needed. Losing weight at 5-10 lbs/week because you are burning 8,000/day on 2,500 calories, supplements needed. Like the weight lifetrs/body builders.
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