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Originally Posted by luchog View Post
Except that when you look more closely, a huge percentage of those "other on line stores" are also Amazon. If you dig down into the fine print on those small retailer sites, you can very often find a tiny little logo "Hosted by AWS" aka Amazon Web Services. Not always, though. Some stores hosted by Amazon have no indication that they are linked in any way.*

Amazon's wealth is no longer driven exclusively, or even primarily, by it's retail business; but is increasingly generated by hosting services and storefronts for other businesses, large and small. Even some very large businesses depend on AWS for some of their services, rather than host them in-house; including a number of cloud service providers.

Amazon may not be a true monopoly yet, but it's veering increasingly close to that state; and in some cases, is an effective monopoly with only token and ineffectual competition.

*Note: I used to work for Amazon, so this is insider info.
On another note, not only does Amazon not have a monopoly on ecommerce platforms, it also doesn't have a monopoly on cloud computing infrastructure.

Running their ecommerce platform on their own computing infrastructure isn't monopoly, it's vertical integration. And leasing its idle infrastructure to other companies, even other ecommerce companies, isn't monopoly, it's just good business.

I'm actually trying to figure out how leasing idle infrastructure to a competitor is monopolistic in any possible way. Maybe you're thinking of a cartel?

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