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Time to get back to basics, after all of Sol's gish-galloping and avoidance. Let us remind ourselves of the core claims of the neo-Velikovskian, scientifically impossible woo that is the 'electric comet'.

Pure Velikovskian woo. Easily dismissed, as cometary surfaces are not at all like those of any rocky planet. Not to mention the impossibility of these 'electrical interactions'.

So, why don't asteroids on elliptical orbits show cametary behaviour? And why are their measured densities much greater than comets?

What weak electric field is this? Where has it been measured? Why would it be there?

What 'electrical stresses'? And the only glowing going on is mostly due to sunlight reflected from dust.

Oh dear, EDM (lol). Scientifically impossible nonsense. No discharges detected by the magnetometer. Pure woo.

See above.

Which is an outright lie. This was written in 2006, at which time dozens of comets had had H2O definitively detected at them. This goes back to the Kuiper Airborne Observatory observations of Halley in 1985, and Vega's subsequent detections in-situ in 1986.

Which is rendered moot by the previous. However, no negative O ions are observed, and there are nowhere near enough H+ ions to create even 1 litre of water. And the solar wind is travelling too quickly to combine with the non-existent O-. And the solar wind is getting nowhere near the comet when it is most active. Pretty dumb stuff.

So, it would appear that this electric comet woo is not only dead, but was never actually alive, due to its scientific impossibility. It can only have been dreamed up by people who are completely clueless about physics in general, and comets in particular. Possibly two thirteen year olds after a glue sniffing session? Certainly not by intelligent adults.
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