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Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
It would if you read it and wanted to understand. If you don't, then there is not much I can do to force understanding on you.

In and of itself, no.
There is no understanding you.

You originally posted that bitcoin didn't fit the definition of a ponzi scheme. You could have added that it was still a bad investment. You could have even added some hyperbole if you wished.

Yet, incredibly, for some unfathomable reason you added "Although it's not a big deal using the word incorrectly". Unbelievable!

And when I questioned you about it, you actually doubled down on this ridiculous argument. You labeled anybody who takes you to task on this a "pendant". You have been screaming blue murder for 2 pages now that uncritical thinking about bitcoin is of "trivial importance".

It's no wonder that I find your motives suspect.
"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled. Where something so important is involved, a deeper mystery seems only decent." - Galbraith, 1975
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