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Originally Posted by Doghouse Reilly View Post
I haven't seen any evidence of anyone changing their behavior as a result of her, let alone in any meaningful way that would have an impact on her cause. Is there any such evidence?
Youíve been oblivious to the street marches, like, everywhere?

But you will counter that marches and protests do nothing. Gandhi did nothing, nor did Martin Luther King. Anti Vietnam War protests were pointless; the South African government simply stopped apartheid with no external pressure at all; what were those East Berliners thinking?; do you want me to go on?

And to make it crystal clear again, Iím not comparing these movements to Gretaís school strikes and other protests they influenced.

But remember, all the protests I have mentioned started with a whimper before becoming a roar. Give Greta and her army of young people a little time. I hope they are not too late to undo the damage older generations have wrought.
A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.

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