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Originally Posted by newyorkguy View Post
Even more than he should? What does Trump consider the correct amount of hate? I'd make a crack about, "When do the death squads get started?" but the reality is: If Trump ran into New York governor Andrew Cuomo at some function, Trump would laugh it off. As he once told Hillary Clinton, "In politics you sometimes have to say things you don't really mean."

It's just red meat for his followers. And it works. He went after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and they have become absolute pariahs in right wing social media groups

I saw an interview with Michael Moore recently where he blamed New York City for inflicting Trump on America. He said everybody in New York knew who and what Trump really was, but instead of slapping him down as a fraud and a crook with mob connections, everybody treated him as an amusing entertainer and fed his fantasies. And now here we are.

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