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Originally Posted by RoseMontague View Post
Independents like me pay attention to both parties on a state as well as national basis. In New Hampshire the largest voting block is Indie (unaffiliated).
Most independents vote for one party around 90% of the time. The 'getable' independents are not as large a group as you might believe, and hasn't really changed since the 50s.

Also, you are not like most independents in another way; most of everyone doesn't pay much attention to politics actively. Indeed, self-reporting isn't even a very good indication one actually does pay much attention. Remember that 70% of Republicans and 60 something % of independents claim to be paying 'close attention' to the impeachment inquiry, but most are abjectly ignorant of the most basics points of it. Saying one is paying attention and actually paying attention are just not the same thing.

Again, that she does well with the people least likely to know much at all about her or are least likely to vote for a Dem is not a good metric.
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