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I really, really want Trump to come out and say the exact same thing Biden said, word for word. Just to see what happens.
That would be weird, even for him. I mean, he keeps talking about himself in the third person, but given he's incredibly racist, it'd also be an incredibly strange statement.

Then again, choosing between Trump and Trump is probably exactly the scenario Trump would want for the 2020 election.

The left can find subtle racism and white supremacy in Peloton videos but Good Ol' Joe was just joking.
It's as if they are different people or something.

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"He's like a drunk being given a sobriety test by the police after being pulled over. Just as a drunk can't walk a straight line, Trump can't think in a straight line. He's all over the place."--Stacyhs
"If you are still hung up on that whole words-have-meaning thing, then 2020 is going to be a long year for you." --Ladewig

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