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Originally Posted by psionl0 View Post
Bookmark that link. It predicts a price of $19,000 by the end of the year (less than 6 months to go) which would mean that this time it took only 2 years to regain its peak price.

Of course, that article is just so much crystal ball gazing and if any part of the article is suspect then all of it is suspect - including the parts you highlighted.
Sorry but I have to disagree. They made projections based on a presumption of increased market penetration. That may not happen, but the parts I highlighted are already happening.

Originally Posted by Samson
There has been very close correlation with wall street for 2020. This is new and maybe suggests institutional uptake?
It suggests that Bitcoin has become just another vehicle for speculation. If so then it's a real shame, because it means Bitcoin has become part of the system that its inventor was trying to break free of. It also means the dream of it being 'the people's currency' is over.
We don't want good, sound arguments. We want arguments that sound good.
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