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Originally Posted by dann View Post
It just occurred to me that Andorra is #7 on the List of countries by average elevation (Wikipedia), and #3 on the list of countries with the most Covid-19 deaths per million (Worldometers).
So maybe it's not a question of high altitude, UV radiation and thin air, but of lungs that evolution has genetically adapted to handling the thin air, which somehow makes them better suited to ward off the virus.
Andorra is an anomaly, as is San Marino. It looks like they're both just in the wrong place, with San Marino being in thick of Italy's worst region and San Marino being sandwiched between two countries. Whether many people from outside came in at the time, I have no idea.

I have to confess my knowledge of the pair of them is limited to knowing Andorra has a fairly useful rugby team for their size.

Originally Posted by Ulf Nereng View Post
I think we should look at those countries that are at around 3000m elevation to get a better idea. Andorra is at "only" 1996m.

Bhutan (3280m) Cases: 77 Deaths: 0
Nepal (3265m) Cases: 14519: Deaths: 31 Deaths/million: 1
Tajikistan (3186) Cases: 6058 Deaths: 52 Deaths/million: 5
Kyrgyzstan (2988) Cases 6261 Deaths: 66 Deaths/million: 10

I'm not sure how reliable the numbers from any of those countries really are, but they look to have had an easy time of it so far.
Now, that is interesting, especially in light of Andeans appearing to only being lightly harmed by the virus.

However, Kyrgyzstan does seem to be having a major surge, so time out on that one. Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan & Nepal seem to have done a lot of testing, so their numbers should be somewhat reliable, while Tajikstan hasn't even kept records, so theirs are probably dodgy as hell.
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