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Originally Posted by Scopedog View Post
I see bitcoin as a very simple video game implementation from a sophisticated, innovative engine (called blockchain). It's so simple that the first party user doesn't even play it- their computer plays it and collects tokens as it wins. An interested third party user can exchange something (usually fiat currency but sometimes a good or service) for a password granting exclusive access to a token or fraction of a token. Bitcoin is both stupid and visionary. Why would anyone want these tokens earned by the computer player? Why do people want hats or whatever in online games? Bitcoin evolved into a tulip bulb investment simulator. I'm sure this analogy can be improved.
There is no improving that analogy. It sounds like just so much shroomery.
"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled. Where something so important is involved, a deeper mystery seems only decent." - Galbraith, 1975
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