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Originally Posted by Roger Ramjets View Post
We don't even know if he is a person. One thing is pretty certain though, he isn't who he pretends to be. So we know he is a fraud.

But was Bitcoin originally intended to be a scam? We may never know, but I suspect not. Bitcoin 'fixes' all the things libertarian anarchists said was wrong with fiat. This suggests that the designer was himself a libertarian anarchist - and so did not understand what he was creating. He was so focused on trying to get free of 'evil' government fiat that he didn't consider how evil an anti-government currency could be.
I always got more of an occupy wall street, don't trust the banks because they print their own money vibe.

There is something to be said for the notion that there is fundamentally no differences between left wing anarchism and right wing libertarianism so it can be hard to tell the difference in a case like this.
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