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RE: FBI Warns of Right-Wing Mass Destruction Terrorism

Well, it looks like some white supremacists got away with it again. Some white racist frat boys from Wisconsin attacked Althea Bernstein, a biracial woman, because they are all racist and stuff.

"A biracial Wisconsin woman who says a group of white men set her on fire while she was driving wants her attackers to know they hurt her but hopes they will improve themselves.

Althea Bernstein told ABC’s “Good Morning America” for a Friday segment that she hasn’t slept and doesn’t have an appetite. But she called the attack in the state’s capital city of Madison

Even after Good Morning America and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, bring attention to the attack those racist frat boys remain elusive. Is Haven Monahan still at large? Unfortunately, it looks like those racist frat boys will remain free to terrorize other biracial people.

Coincidentally, on the same night and almost at the same time, there was a mostly peaceful protest going on in Madison, Wisconsin. This mostly peaceful protest included fire-bombing a Madison government building. Now I'm sure an all-American girl like Althea Bernstein wouldn't have been involved in this mostly peaceful arson attack. You see she just happened to be near the event, she was not participating in the event.

"The firebombing was part of a larger Black Lives Matter protest in which protesters tore down two statues on the Capitol Square, including one of a Union Civil War soldier and abolitionist. The protest had started in response to the arrest hours before of a local Black Lives Matter activist now facing state and federal charges for allegedly trying to extort money from at least one Downtown business."

NO! Those statues of a Union soldier and an abolitionist were obviously torn down by the same racist confederates who attacked a biracial woman.
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