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Originally Posted by Cavemonster View Post
And even if Mitch HAD somehow gone back on his word, he wouldn't have had the votes to confirm. Because senators like Lindsey Graham said explicitly:

So seriously, people who try to tell me not to worry because republican politicians promised they'd do the right thing can bite my ass.

Yeah, that was supposed to be Lindsay Graham in my post (why do I get those two confused?). also, Lindsay Graham would seem to be perfectly fine with engaging in electoral interference despite not being a thing that one would think to be legal.

Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
"Guys relax, it's just an *attempted* coup."
Again, they are all waiting to see if enough on their side do the thing before they themselves do the thing. They are not doing the thing only because they are not yet sure. What they said they would do is not a part of the heuristic that they are applying.
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