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theprestige: Why is mass hysteria (allegedly) unlikely among trained diplomats?

Let's take a look at the symptoms: "Some felt vibrations, and heard sounds — loud ringing or a high-pitch chirping similar to crickets or cicadas."
When I'm in Cuba and hear chirping similar to crickets or cicadas, I usually suspect them to be caused by … crickets or cicadas - unless I've been to a salsa or rumba concert the night before and forgot to bring ear plugs.
"vibrations", "grinding noises"
Yes, now and then I hear those too, in Copenhagen or in Havana, but in Havana probably more so since it is a very noisy place.
"Some victims awoke with ringing in their ears"
Cause or effect? These are the symptoms of tinnitus
Tinnitus involves the annoying sensation of hearing sound when no external sound is present. Tinnitus symptoms include these types of phantom noises in your ears:
The phantom noise may vary in pitch from a low roar to a high squeal, and you may hear it in one or both ears. In some cases, the sound can be so loud it can interfere with your ability to concentrate or hear actual sound. Tinnitus may be present all the time, or it may come and go.
"the ringing stopped when they moved away from their beds"
Tinnitus seems to decrease when there are other kinds of background noise, or when you stop focusing on it.

I don't understand why they appear to have refrained from investigating these alleged noises and vibrations in Havana at the time when they occurred.

By the way, I myself suffer from hearing loss, but I'm not a diplomat. My ear doctor claims that it is congenital and age-related, so until now it really didn't occur to me to blame the Cubans.
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