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Well if you are an atheist and you think you'd be lying to your child if you chose any God it seems it would be better to at least choose the God (like the Christian God) that has some historical and other evidence to apply to it. Then as the child got older, they would at least have some historical and other evidence to back up their belief if they did indeed choose to disagree with you and believe in God.

Of course if you don't want your child to believe in God as an adult it would be better to promote a God that doesn't have much evidence to support the belief in it.
That makes absolutely no sense. The "historical and other evidence" for every god is of the same quality. The Christian gods have a huge volume of evidence AGAINST their existence.

No wonder Christians think it necessary to lie about their gods' existence. Are those the only gods whose existence you think needs to be lied about? You think the existence of other gods is more likely?
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