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Originally Posted by Trakar View Post
The top 0.1 percent would see their tax bills go up by more than $3 million, the report said, which would cut their after-tax incomes by almost half. But Sanders, going where few politicians dare, would also raise taxes on middle- and low-income families...

Now granted, that was the last election. But then, the U.S. now has billions more in debt that they have to contend with.
This was based upon the old M4A proposal presuming that it was enacted and in place in 2017. This was primarily a 2.2% increase in all ordinary income in all but the lowest income bracket between incomes of $10,065 and $49,250 and a Progressive capital gains/dividends tax starting at 17.2%.
Not an incredibly onerous bill for cradle to grave health care for people who are generally without any current health care options beyond using ERs or state/county indigent health services where they are eligible for such.
The fact that there is ANY proposed tax increase for those in the middle class will likely reduce the support for Sanders and/or his health care plan.

Yes, I do realize that people may be better off financially in the long run (i.e. the tax increases are offset by not needing to pay for health insurance.) But, anyone that says "I'm going to increase your taxes" is going to have some problems. (Even if he says "I'll tax the rich even more.)
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