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Originally Posted by aggle-rithm View Post
So, obviously, future experiments will have to be performed more carefully, but I was wondering: Has anyone else seen this behavior in their dogs? Have any studies been done to determine how dogs process symbolic information?

Something very similar happens with my dog, Domino. She's a Rat Terrier and Chihuahu mix and probably the smartest dog I've ever owned. We got her when she was only about 3 months old and took to training very easily and quickly (except potty training, which took about 6 months).

When I'm not actually in front of the TV watching it, I tend to switch it over to Animal PLanet becuase she reacts to any dogs that are on. When they whine, she tends to whine. When they bark, she tends to bark. We won't even go into what she does when she hears some kind of squeak toy, but she's almost toppled the TV cabinet twice.

I, too, would be interested in anything you come up with.
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