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Hey...can't you gave a guy a little break? It is challenging enough being ganged up by dozens of you. I'm glad that someone acknowledged some reality by calling me "Sir Brave Dana." Thanx.

For the record, I didn't previously mention my own AIDS article, nor have I made reference to many many other studies.'re not remembering: there is a simple reason that I have commented upon the Rao/Roy spectroscopy study, I do not know the answers to this very technical study, though I did correctly acknowledge the high respect that Roy's lab at Penn State University is known for. Whether you agree with him or not, please consider his body of work.

And pleeeeeze, don't expect me or any homeopath to provide free treatment to you as a "test subject." At the best (or worst, depending upon your point of view), you would lose your crediblity if homeopathy was helpful, and no one would consider a single case to be an example of anything.

Here's another one for you all...the walrus was Paul...arsenic poisoning is not a self-limiting condition:

Although this is a preliminary trial due to the limited number of people who agreed to be in the placebo group, it is a part of a larger body of environmental toxicology. Hopefully, there are people on this list who have an interest in this subject. Although prevention must obviously be the first priority, we must also consider ways to treat people who have already been exposed. Will homeopathic doses of environmental poisons be one solution to consider?

Just don't look at the clinical results, check out the liver enzymes between the treated group and the control group.
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