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Originally Posted by pavel_do View Post
I made prints of photos that I need, including a few just blank-black photographs..

Will try to have 3 types of test, by 3 trials each.
1. When all 20 ( 10 each of a kind) will be mixed up and I will try to separate them in 2 pails…
2. When I will have them separated by pairs, where I need to identify one of two(as the second one will be known as soon as first will be named) I will do it with opening every photo that was named as I usually do.
3. Test where I have to identify pairs.. same as in N.2 but the results will be unknown till the end of the test and last pair is identified.
4. Will make a few pairs with 1 photo and 1 blank-black and try it too.

p.s. Re to Gmonster2 comment

if you can get same results as I did for affidavit letter.. Good luck to you.. it still over chance..
Any ways when we ran test at psychology department. I was given 1 photo of two to identify.. Now I have both photos in my hands to choose the one I am sure most of.. that make difference for me.. Beside at that time all the pairs was different.. and this time I will use only photos that I am usually getting most of the times correct.. that is also make difference for me..

This is excellent. Very few applicants have been as willing to follow up on suggestions as you have. We'll look forward to seeing the results of these informal tests and also to the results of the official test when it comes about.
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