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A little more on this:

Mom of dead son sues TV host - Says he was wrongly tied to missing teen
The Kentucky Post - Thursday, September 23, 1999
Author: John C.K. Fisher, Post staff reporter

The mother of a Brooksville man who shot and killed himself last year has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that television talk show host Montel Williams cast her son in an unfavorable light during a program featuring a psychic commenting on a missing Bracken County teen-ager.

Linda Marie Mineer, in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Covington, sued Williams, three producers of his show, Paramount Pictures and Viacom Inc., which produce and distribute the show, and psychic Sylvia Browne, frequent guest on the show.
The lawsuit said a show that was broadcast on Sept. 24, 1998, featured Ms. Browne, the psychic, who gave Miss Fraysure's mother, Maggie Doherty, information about her daughter's disappearance.

Ms. Doherty later told The Post that Ms. Browne said a man who was in prison last year killed Erica and dumped her body in a lake not far from where Erica's car was found. Ms. Browne also said someone named Chris knew important information.

The police dragged Perry Poe Lake in Bracken County last year, but did not find Miss Fraysure's body.

The lawsuit said Williams referred to Mineer in another show that was broadcast after Mineer killed himself:

"He (Christopher Mineer) murdered his girlfriend and was implicated in that case that Sylvia (Browne ) talked about. So if you want to wonder whether or not this woman (Ms. Browne) is talking fact or fiction, she gave up the name to this family (Ms. Doherty) during the break, and the next thing you know, the guy (Mineer) who probably committed the murder to begin with, realized the law is on my tail. He (Mineer) killed himself and his other girlfriend."

The lawsuit said Ms. Browne said during that show "that's what the lieutenant told me, too."

And Williams responded by saying, "That's right."

The suit said Williams, his producers and Ms. Browne failed to confirm with police that Mineer was not a suspect in Ms. Fraysure's disappearance.
A spokesman for Williams in New York on Wednesday declined comment. Ms. Browne could not be reached for comment.
Full article: Source

On another note:


San Jose Mercury News (CA) - Friday, August 16, 1985
Author: JAY GOLDMAN, Mercury News Staff Writer

Two area psychics today applauded the state Supreme Court ruling that strikes down prohibitions on fortune telling -- but warned that without regulation, fakes could get into the business.

An assistant to San Jose psychic Flores Merino, one of only two fortune tellers licensed by San Jose, said, "As far as she was concerned it (the court ruling) sounds fine. But (applicants) should be screened before granting a license because, otherwise, it is bad for legitimate businesses. They should weed out the fake ones; they should be regulated." The assistant chose not to identify himself.

The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that laws prohibiting fortune telling violate the state Constitution's free speech protections.

Saratoga psychic Sylvia Brown said she, too, has ambivalent feelings about the decision.

''I think it's marvelous because I believe in free speech," the founder of the Nirvana Foundation said, "but I worry that it may bring the 'tent people' out -- the ones who ask you to cross their palms with silver and take the cash and run.

''I came from a time when I had to fight all the way to make this a profession. I had to prove myself and earn the right to win acceptance and work with doctors and lawyers, and I hate to think that this decision could lump those of us who are legitimate with the crystal ball-gazers and the palm readers. People deserve to be protected from those who are, to us, like quack doctors are to the medical profession."
Full article: Source

I'd like some names of the people she "proved" herself to.
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