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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
A while back I requested that someone tell me what you would accept as evidence of the efficacy of the wands. (It was either this thread or one from a different bulletin board - I just don't recall.)

....<snip anecdotes>
Someday, someone else with more skill will surely give you the data you need. For your sake, I hope that is sooner rather than later. Each person has their own criteria before they are persuaded to a new idea. I am already convinced. You will be, too, when your standards are met.

Until then, happy skepticism!
Looks like it was just 3 days and 6 posts ago. Try wanding the temporal lobes, short term memory. You are convinced by nothing more than coincidence.

Question: Why have these folks you describe in the various anecdotes not bought wands if they are so effective?

Question: Why is your avatar name "WAND-erer"? Coincidence?

Question: What is your hypothesis to explain how the wand works. What principle does it use? Which of the 4 forces of nature is at play?
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