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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Democratic society was "strange and incomprehensible" to blacks. I guess they just weren't made for it. They didn't have the necessary requirements, right?!
I heard the same argument used in Europe in the 1970s against ... Greeks!
It wasn't part of their cultural traditions. The practice of democratic self-rule developed over hundreds of years in Britain. It is unlikely that one group can perpetuate the cultural traditions of another. One man, one vote became "one man, one vote, one time" in Africa.

But black rule in Zimbabwe could have worked if it developed along the same lines as it did in other western European countries. First, you would allow only black men with a certain amount of property to vote. Then you would lower the property requirement for black men and eventually you could have had universal black male franchise in Zimbabwe. Next, you could move along to allowing married women of black men to vote and so on and so forth. This gradual development of a democratic society would have prevented the disaster we saw in Zimbabwe.

Originally Posted by dann View Post
- so the white 5% didn't seem to have used much time and effort on educating black Africans - which, of course, also wasn't what they were there to do.
The blacks of Rhodesia were some of the best educated blacks in all of Africa. They were probably among the most prosperous too.

Originally Posted by dann View Post
By the way, do you know that there are black pilots today? And black people working at nuclear plants? Some of them are even allowed to drive cars as soon as they've got a driver's license.
Yes, and this is because they are qualified, but we simply don't let everyone engage in these activities. Plus there is a difference when we discuss individuals vs. societies.
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