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Originally Posted by 3point14 View Post
It's an aide to conceptualise the difference. Nobody can actually conceive of a billion, so we all need a little reminder of just how much more it is than the average and how much, much more it is than the poorest.

Khufu doesn't pay taxes to the same authority that those on their uppers in the US do. It's a poor argument.

So, do you think that US tax and social policy should encourage billionaires, as it does now? Or inhibit them, as it did when America was great?
I think he actually addressed all these points in another post prior to the above. Here it is:

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
I find these kinds of questions interesting.

Mostly I think it's a neutral side effect of a particular system. On the other hand, I think it's on balance a good system, so I tend to see its side effects as more good than bad. In that sense, sure, I think having billionaires is a good thing. Trying to get rid of them would probably get rid of the things that make the underlying system a good system.

I think social policy should promote good systems, and remain agnostic about whether such a system allows for the emergence of billionaires.
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