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Originally Posted by Roboramma View Post
I think his point is that the policies that lead to existence of billionaires are there for reasons other than the creation of billionaires.
I think it would be down to him to demonstrate that. I shan't ask him to though, he might explode.

I think both he and you have valid points, but I'd like to see your viewpoint actually expressed. For instance the power of lobbyists to sway policy seems to me like it would result in the wealthy getting wealthier in ways that don't necessarily help improve the efficiency of the system. Others have talked about how that actually does occur.
I'm not sure I have a point. I was just interested in pressing those who avoided the issue with statements like "What's it got to do with you" when the research shows that it has everything to do with everybody as it's linked, not to the natural order of things, but to public policy. Having no view on it is not tenable.

On the other hand I think if we tried to set policy with the goal of getting rid of billionaires we'd probably end up with a system that was worse for everyone. I don't have a problem with a system that happens to not have any billionaires, nor with one that happens to have billionaires. I think the goal should be for the prosperity of all of us.
We previously had a tax policy that discouraged massive pooling of wealth because we discovered that this leads to massive recession and people starving.

It certainly isn't difficult to conceptualise a tax/social policy that inhibits billionaires, one existed. It may be tricky to get from here back to there but it's certainly better than the alternative if the alternative is massive recession.
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