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Originally Posted by blutoski View Post
However, this relates to my above comment about Rome... the rise of the superwealthy there was very rapid, and the Republic didn't have a lot of time to recognize and respond to the danger to defend itself.
Even if there was widespread awareness of what was happening, I'm not sure it could have been stopped. People back then were in most ways probably more short-sighted than they are now, and probably even more prone to attributing everything to divine will (I'm including "the market"/"market forces" as a form of divinity here, too.)
"We are enjoined, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, to consider ourselves and our cultural institutions scientifically — not to accept uncritically whatever we’re told; to surmount as best we can our hopes, conceits, and unexamined beliefs; to view ourselves as we really are." - Carl Sagan
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