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Originally Posted by TragicMonkey View Post
By saying it it sounds like you're suggesting we should shut up and just be glad we're not being murdered, though. Do you really not see that's how you're coming across? It's like you just told a rape victim "at least he didn't kill you" or a cancer patient "at least it's not AIDS".

In the context of civil rights "at least it's not murder any more" isn't a simple declaration of an obvious truth, it's an argument pushing to silence the oppressed.
Slight sidebar:

That is a massive problem with this site, I think. Every comment is being interpreted tribally. My comments here are only related to the somewhat unhinged argument that Republicans (of which I am not one) wish to ...kill...all LGBTQs. That's just a bat**** claim. It does not mean I am arguing a loftier position, to be walked around like a poodle.

I am in no way, shape or form arguing that you, my Bi daughter, or anyone else take any **** from any bigot, anywhere, at any time. Au contraire. I'll wave a rainbow banner right along side of you.

But hyperbolic rhetoric does no one any good. Being a Republican does not mean you want to kill people. It drags the much-needed open conversation to childish levels.
"Half of what he said meant something else, and the other half didn't mean anything at all" -Rosencrantz, on Hamlet
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