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Originally Posted by logger View Post
Thatís what I suspected, Iím glad I didnít waste my time showing you their liberalism.
You slip is showing again. You didn't waste your time showing us their liberalism because.... why? Your claim is "extreme left". Now go back to the start and show us the extreme leftists, not liberals, on the Supreme Court.

For the class,... here's your original statement:
No itís not that simple, her husband, the predator in chief put extreme leftists on the Supreme Court. Besides there arenít really very many conservative Democrats, plenty of socialist Dems, which she is one.
You've been wandering around lost in the conservative brush for so long you think of anyone who doesn't adhere to your reactionary ideas as Extreme Left, but that's interchangeable with "Liberal" which is interchangeable with "Moderate" which is amazingly interchangeable with "John McCain". In short, anyone not on the Mercer/Bannon approved list of paleo conservatives.
Ha! Foolmewunz has just been added to the list of people who aren't complete idiots. Hokulele

It's not that liberals have become less tolerant. It's that conservatives have become more intolerable.
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