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Originally Posted by Foolmewunz View Post
As "evidence" goes, you'd be laughed out of court. Both quotes are describing a type, or brand if you will, of "patriotism". Neither is blatantly claiming that patriotism is bad. The latter "evidence" actually specifically mentions "excessive patriotism".

If you think a little social drinking is okay, it's not a contradiction to rail against excessive drinking which can be harmful and even destructive. Excessive patriotism and various forms of flag-waving, including the infamous "My Country, Right or Wrong" are what is being condemned or warned about.

Far better you'd have admitted that you were hyperbolizing or straw-manning, 'cuz this doesn't really stack up as evidence. It's what you wish that we were saying. It's the kind of straw man lie that Trump and his minions put out every day. "The Dems want open borders".. "They're coming for mah gunz"... I guess we can add "Liberals hate patriotism". Well done.
For far too many, it's "My Country Is Always Right, Never Wrong". The other 'patriotism' that I abhor is the "Love It or Leave It" type. As if we have to love and support everything it does no matter what or get out.
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