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Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
Once they've destroyed their common enemies on the left, then they can argue amongst themselves over who qualifies as white and how Jews should be regarded.

I wonder if it isn't recent advances in leftist policies, the acceptance of gay marriage and such, that convinced moderates on the right that they need to embrace the far right to hold their ground.
Given that they've embraced similar views for well over a century - and screamed that "librul" (meaning democrats, including the great majority of conservative black and Jewish people - and more recently conservative Asian, Hispanic, and Muslim people as well) was "fake" or "Identity politics", they were either being supremely ignorant on the matter, or themselves disingenuous. That's why they've not only rejected "small" government for these groups groups, but openly championed overwhelming, oppressive and violent government for many of them.

"Wow, I'm shocked to find that our embrace of systematic government bigotry has attracted a bunch of Nazi-loving goons!" They can cram it where the sun doesn't shine.
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