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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
What I would love to see happen is for one of the conservative SC Justice seats to become vacant and for Biden to nominate Garland for the seat and be confirmed by the Dem controlled Senate. Biden can always find a new Attorney General. Take THAT McConnell and the rest of you hypocritical Republicans.

Garland would have been a good judge (don't get me wrong about that... the court needs more swing judges). But Obama picked him because he thought it would be easier to get him confirmed.

If Biden is going to pick anyone, pick someone 1) Much Younger and 2) Much more left-wing.

Perhaps some day the Republicans will be less douchey and the Democrats can pick moderate judges. But as long as the supreme court has Drunky McRapeface and the Stepford Wife on it, the Democrats should be providing balance by picking judges in the Ginsburg mold. (The young Ginsburg... not the one that was at death's door for years.)
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