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Originally Posted by Thor 2 View Post
Don't make me laugh, the Catholic church is not only not filling the pews it is not filling the pulpits. As I have read priests are now being imported from countries in Africa.
Correct. And this raises a further problem for the church. By and large, the remaining regular mass goers are of an ultra conservative mindset. Going with that is a built in racism. They are horrified that they might have to receive sacraments from a brown person. This has given rise to the truly bizarre phenomenon of church hunting, where one spends not a little effort finding a church where mass/confession/whatever is being performed by a suitably pale person. Thus, the parishioners are no longer going to their parish church, but to other churches. In turn this means that the church has to redeploy already scarce priestly resources to the parishes where people turn up for mass from all over.

The follow on from that is that the church redeploys the the brown people to the parish in question, which prompts the parishioners to migrate to a different parish church. Rinse, lather, repeat. The remaining church goers are the most ultra conservatives as a rule (with, it must be admitted, Quite a few exceptions).

Now even as an atheist I have direct experience of this. I helped a youngish priest of south american origin get settled in. He was a very pleasant gentle bloke, softly spoken, obviously highly intelligent. I couldn't bring my self to tell the sorry bastage that "Look, you are sufficiently black to get lost in a coal shed. People will hate you for no reason". What kills me about that is that he was a really nice guy. We instantly got an understanding that he was a priest, I was an atheist, and that was alright. I liked that a lot. But I also knew that the blue rinse brigade were going to eviscerate him. Sure enough, after a few months, he was transferred to "I dunno" and I lost track of the guy.

Oh, and I should note that such built-in racism is not from the RCC. They sent the guy here after all. No, that is peculiar to the remaining parishioners. It certainly is not all of them, but there are enough of them.
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