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Originally Posted by Gaetan View Post
In a world of money RELIGION you'll never have a democratic election and the world will perish. Rich RELIGIOUS and their money own the medias and they use it to get more rich. What they want is to elect politicians who will do nothing against inequalities. Their medias manipulate the population to elect people that will give rich small income tax obligation, that permit fiscal havens THE RELIGIOUS TAX EXEMPTIONS.

What are your thoughts on the Mormons and their $100 billion debacle?

Don't you agree all religions are evil and should be abolished?

They cretic socialism who fight against inequalities all year long, they hire stupid people and pay them well for that.
I think everyone agrees that that is what the religious do.

Rich RELIGIOUS have all the advantage of pollution, they makes a lot of money with it, while poor have all the disadvantages, dryness, inondation, hurricane, heat suffering, all that doesn't really affect rich people. When it will be too hot they just build a house in north pole or they'll move where it is good to be when people affected by pollution will die, countries habitable will just block their borders making people to suffer and die as it is now. All that because of money profit RELIGION.
I'm glad you see that all religion is evil and must be abolished. Starting with your weird cult.
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