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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
Eventually I suppose we can hope that this thread will be moved to conspiracy theories, even if the mainstream media seems to be promoting it currently. I read the conservative blogs and virtually all of them are saying it looks like Biden won, it's okay for Trump to let the process continue, but come January 20 we will have a new President. Nobody is suggesting that Trump should get the state legislatures to name their own slate of electors (well, maybe Gateway Pundit is, but I gave Hoeft up as an idiot years ago).
What blogs? These blogs speak more to mainstream conservatism than, say, Sean Hannity? Mark Levine?

I poked my head into National Review's blog. There was a posting about a podcast by The Editors about Biden's win. It garnered over 700 comments (which is much higher than usual), most of them upset that NR was run by sell-outs.

The thing about the conservative press is that many of the mouthpieces are afraid of their audience.
April 13th, 2018:
Ranb: I can't think of anything useful you contributed to a thread in the last few years.
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