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Now that this thread isn't moderated, this post may not get deleted this time. Let's see.

To Jay Windley-

If you're not going to address this issue...

...I'll ask you about another issue.

In the above thread you answered my questions thus...
There's nothing impossible about sifting some sand and washing and scrubbing it until it's dust free and then placing it where the rover is going to drive.
It has been clearly explained to you many times why it's impossible to handle particulates without generating dust. You simply say that it somehow didn't happen in this case, but do not say why.

Spinning wheels over dust-free sand would not cause enough sand to erode into dust to make a cloud.
The majority of the dust is created as it is removed from the washing apparatus, conveyed to the photography site, and laid down -- not right as the rover wheels pass over it. The rover wheels would aerosolize the dust that was created in those prior steps.

This whole idea of not being able to make sand dust-free is totally silly.
Not to the people who have actually tried to do it. And that would not be you.

Look at what people on these geology forums said about the issue.
Moving and sifting sand is unlikely to produce any finer grains (unless you really go at it and whack it with hammers or something!).
transportation and dumping the sand will not be enough to cause dust creation unless you had a very dirty an dusty transport container.
driving a vehicle thru it will not creat dust either (unless you repeat the process insanely often to grind down the sand grains)
I have a strange question I hope someone here may be able to help with.
Scenario: imagine washing and sifting several tons of sand. This is to be used on a soundstage to create a desert scene. The sand has been washed and sifted so that if it gets kicked up, it won't form dust clouds. The sand particles are of a size that they will still hold a boot print or a tyre mark.
Question: will the act of transporting the sand, and dumping it in situ, cause sufficient erosion of the sand so that it might still produce some dust when kicked around on the sound stage? Would driving a vehicle on the sand be expected to produce clouds of dust that are visible in the atmosphere, rather than falling straight back down to earth?
In your answer could you also let me know your level of Geology expertise, and whether you consider this a basic question that a layman such as myself should automatically know the answer to?
Once I have some answers I shall let you know the reason for my request, but I don't want to prejudice your answers.
Sand like that will be clean and dust-free in the scenario you pose. But I don't think it's something the guy-in-the-street would know offhand.

I've also spoken to several people with backgrounds in geology and they all said you were wrong Jay. Could you comment on this issue please?
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