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Originally Posted by Myriad View Post
Well, that might be a believable excuse, if you had some sort of track record of being consistently opposed to people being places where they weren't really contributing. That's something that happens pretty often, for instance with sports spectators, protestors, bloggers and other amateur journalists, tourists, non-presenting conference attendees, sightseers and so forth.

But you've singled out Thunberg on that basis. Curious, and not really plausible. I think my original assessment still stands up pretty well.
The rightists are determined to hound Thunberg; she scares them.
As human right is always something given, it always in reality reduces to the right which men give, "concede," to each other. If the right to existence is conceded to new-born children, then they have the right; if it is not conceded to them, as was the case among the Spartans and ancient Romans, then they do not have it. For only society can give or concede it to them; they themselves cannot take it, or give it to themselves.
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