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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
What significant changes to global climate change have been accomplished by her students?
Did I say there had been? No.

The fact that her movement is significant enough to warrant media attention and student/pupil action is evident. Attempting to change the parameters of what 'significance' means in this context is simply dishonest.

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Better get started on that Mars colony, then.

More seriously, I think you're being too hard on your generation. At least in the "west", the last couple of generations have actually done a pretty good job of reducing emissions. They weren't doing it to fight "global climate change", but the principles and the results are essentially the same: Increase efficiency, reduce pollution. Your "older generations" have been pretty successful with this program, and continue to improve upon it.

If it weren't for the spectre of global climate change, this would be more than sufficient. Keep improving efficiency and cutting back on pollution. Even the developing nations will follow the same evolution, as they develop and improve their industrial base over time.

Anyway, you're not the one that needs a lecture from Thunberg's generation. They're giving you one, because they're children and they don't know any better. The real question is, what's your excuse for putting up with it?
"...putting up with it?" As if hearing something you already know to be true is somehow a bad thing.
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