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Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness' say psychiatry experts at Yale... Pt 3

Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Yawn... Doctors who promote woo isn't an example helping your argument.
My argument is: Professional Judgement is not a good tool for deciding which ethical rules are valid and which are not.

Do you consider advocating and providing unproven, ineffective treatments to be ethical, in general? Is there any situation. In which a professional’s judgement would override that?

If the answer is no to both situations, then there’s nothing wrong with my argument. It illustrates the point that “professional judgement,” is not a good tool for deciding which ethical rules are valid and which are not.

You're back to asserting that without anally following guidelines no professionals would know what to do.
Not quite: Professional judgement includes knowing and understanding the ethical rules that apply to each situation. There is no mechanism by which a professional says,”Eh, I reject that ethical rule as invalid.” If it’s true for “sex with patients,” and “providing ineffective treatments,” the. It’s true for the Goldwater Rule.

Nowhere in medicine does any provider not consider professional judgement superior in multiple cases. It's even taught that way in med school. Evidence based medicine, yes, but sometimes it doesn't fit the situation.
This is nonsense. Doctors are not taught to consider their judgement superior to standards of practice and ethics. That sounds like institutionalized egotism.
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