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Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
My argument is: Professional Judgement is not a good tool for deciding which ethical rules are valid and which are not.
Yeah, and your argument is stupid.

This is nonsense. Doctors are not taught to consider their judgement superior to standards of practice and ethics. That sounds like institutionalized egotism.
There's no way to help you understand this. But at least try to use legit examples and analogies.

AMA re Ethics
The AMA was founded in part to establish the world’s first national codification of medical ethics. Widely recognized as the most comprehensive ethics guide for physicians who strive to practice ethically, the opinions in the AMA Code of Medical Ethics represent the official policy positions of the AMA.
Do you understand why it's a guide and not some absolute law? Why choose that particular word?

AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 4.2.7
The Principles of Medical Ethics of the AMA do not prohibit a physician from performing an abortion in accordance with good medical practice and under circumstances that do not violate the law.
You don't think there are professionals that disagree with this ethical position?

Why does this differ from other ethical rules people do not agree on?

Here's another one that not everyone agrees with:
Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 5.6
The duty to relieve pain and suffering is central to the physician’s role as healer and is an obligation physicians have to their patients. When a terminally ill patient experiences severe pain or other distressing clinical symptoms that do not respond to aggressive, symptom-specific palliation it can be appropriate to offer sedation to unconsciousness as an intervention of last resort.
It's not ethical to do either of these in a Catholic Hospital.
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