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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Yeah, and your argument is stupid.
That might have been very satisfying for you to write, but it isn’t responsive. Hope it made you feel better, though.

There's no way to help you understand this. But at least try to use legit examples and analogies.

AMA re Ethics
Do you understand why it's a guide and not some absolute law? Why choose that particular word?
If you read past the highlighted part, you would see the words, “who strive to practice ethically.” Is it ok to not strive to practice ethically?

I don’t see the significance in the word “guide.” You are right in the sense that the ethics code isn’t law. But, that word doesn’t create an implication that it’s merely a set of guidelines to pick and choose. If you want to practice ethically, there’s the guide to do it.
AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 4.2.7
You don't think there are professionals that disagree with this ethical position?
What does not agreeing to that ethical opinion look like? The doctor doesn’t perform abortions. There is no ethical rule that says doctors must perform abortions so the choice not to is also ethical.

Why does this differ from other ethical rules people do not agree on?
Its a permissive rule: you can do this if you choose to without breaching ethics. You can also choose not to do it.

Here's another one that not everyone agrees with:
Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 5.6
It's not ethical to do either of these in a Catholic Hospital.
It’s not unethical not to do them either.

Bad examples. You need to find restrictive rules: Don’t do this. With a restrictive rule, there is no “it’s still ethical if you choose to do it.”
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