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Trump keeps saying he will protect people with pre-existing conditions from losing their health-care coverage because of them; recently, he was asked just how he would do so, since Republicans seem determined to do away with what is currently those folks' only protection with no plan to replace it. Here's his answer-

McCallum [question]- ""Because the issue of pre-existing conditions, you say you're going to protect them. But your administration is also fighting Obamacare in the courts. So how do you promise you're going to protect them based on that?"

Trump- [answer, for certain values of the word]- "That's what I said. We want to terminate Obamacare because it's bad. Look, we're running it really well, but we know it's defective. It's very defective. We got rid of the worst part. And that was a very important thing. You know getting rid of the individual mandate was a very important thing.
But we want to get something — if we can get the House, you'll have the best healthcare and health insurance anywhere on the planet. But we have to get the House back.
Now, that means we have to hold the Senate. We have to get the House. We have to, obviously, keep the White House. But, what we're doing is managing it really well.
Now, it's a case; it's called Texas vs. — you understand — it's Texas who is suing. They want to terminate it. But everybody there is also saying, and everybody — we have our great senator from Pennsylvania. Thank you very much, Pat, for being here. (Applause.) And Pat Toomey.
And — but, very important — and our — by the way, our great congressmen, I have to say, they were warriors. Right? Real warriors, in terms of the fake impeachment. I will tell you that. (Applause.)
But, so Texas is trying — and it's Texas and many states — they're trying to terminate, but they want to put something that's much better. They're terminating it to put much better. And they've all pledged that preexisting conditions, 100 percent taken care of.
So- there ya go, don't worry about it. The candidate who claimed in 2016 that "you’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s going to be so easy," and that "everybody's going to be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now … the government's gonna pay for it," and then had a Republican majority for his first two years with no plan to show for it, is now effectively saying "give me the House, this time I promise, for realz!"

And Trumpers will eat it up and beg for more.
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