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Originally Posted by Samson View Post
There is a reason the blood is there, maybe it is still the vial, but access and testing are problems. Zellner has introduced an idea that can't be disproven, so can be accommodated with the preponderance of evidence.
For example, if Steve bled in the car, it is the only mistake he made.
We can rule out that he planted bones in his own fire pit, that he planted his own dna on the key and hoodlatch. These aspects must have involved police bolstering their case. There is no point in any other party planting evidence as they were logically uninvolved, nothing to hide.
He would need to have burned the body in the quarry and Lenk/Colborn find bones and move them. But of course why would they? They already had his blood in the car, and he was the last to see her alive. There would be other evidence that he had done all this, there would be a complete case for any jury.

No, the blood in the car resolves into planted evidence, nothing else fits, and we have two sources of blood to consider.
Certainly in pulling the trailer to pieces, some dried blood from that thumb bleed could easily be found.
the burning of the body and all that seems to me to be the biggest cover up or just blatant ignorant biased detective work. the States Bone testimony wasnt even interested it seems in doing much about any of it.

thats the key to some of these frame jobs, it seems do several of "plants" and it makes the defense really overwhelmed to disprove all of them, I would think.

but where are the other bones? why didnt they test the bones from the quarry? all in the affidavits...

I dont have a lot of hope though once it becomes a Judge and AG Shitmel covering their eyes, mouth and plugging their ears, right?
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