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Originally Posted by JREF2010 View Post
that made me laugh as Ive seen so much "pigville" around my place with the young men and kids and leaving everything everywhere and filth can be very common in a evidence topic. Looking at Steves trailer I might guess the sink was cleaned once every 3 months maybe...but who knows. It just doesnt seem like cleanliness was a priority. It doesnt surprise me if his blood and anything, sat in the sink for months. just adding to the perception of cleaning a

The trailer and access to the sink-blood (also the car he bled in) seems insane to think about.

Ive said it before it shocks me how many tromped through Steves Trailer in total? 5, 15, 25 police and search-party folk? How many times? They tore the place apart maybe they all had access to the blood in the sink.

The police are seen on film bumbling around in the trailer, touching stuff, grabbing it, taking it and not logging it...its in the MAM when Jodi comes out and STeves arrested already. It look like a tornado hit it, a common sloppy crime scene in a lot of these cases it seems.

The one piece I read was Steve ran in to get a fast bandaid (made from masking tape) and his brother was waiting on him. Thats how the blood got there, the wound broke open and he went into the trailer slapped some tape on the cut....Ive done that many times too, I'll use scotch tape or anything available. Often a napkin and scotch tape for hand cuts. Thats pretty common as many dont have nice bandaids around. I dont buy sotre bought bandaids often.
Well, my Dad was a lot that way -really messy if left on his own for a while, but I always thought he was the exception. Dad often used tape instead of bandaids, too.

Maybe it's more common than I thought.

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